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ELV Best Style Open Tops Virgin Scoured Lambs Wool

Superior first stage processed types for the selected woolen sector. Supreme colour and handle, available in retail volume. Sourced exclusively from the purest fine wool growing regions of remote Western Australia. Individually valued by expert hands. Delivered to specific client request.


Origin verification from farm gate to showroom. Individual bale traceability and the world's largest natural quarantine borders. AWTA and AWEX certification. Registered Mill APEO and NPEO certification.

Naturally Neutral.

Campaign for Wool Dumfries House Declaration

Launched by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. A commitment by the Commonwealth to protect the environment whilst upholding the absolute highest standards of sheep welfare. Based on the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. Freedom from hunger and thirst. Freedom from discomfort. Freedom from pain, injury or disease. The freedom to express natural behaviour. Freedom from fear and distress.

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